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Find out about all the new features and improvements and get the new software with a huge discount today!

With the new Oceans XStream 2017, we are offering even more charts and, with an increased selection of 12,000,000 songs, we are really raising the bar this time around. The discography of music wishes has tripled, with 3,000,000 artists now available, plus top charts from the past, plus everything that video sharing sites have to offer in the form of videos! And there’s a lot more:

Save Video
We’ve made it easier to save movies and series from online video libraries and apps in even better quality
Video platforms on the Internet use various different types of protection. Only the new Oceans XStream 2017 software masters them all and recommends you the right browser for a specific recording. With pre-configured recording methods that you can access via tiles in the control window, the new Oceans XStream 2017 guides you through each step of the recording process better than ever before. Week by week, the team will provide auto-updates to make sure you can still record all movies, series and videos in the best possible quality.

The Most Important Reason to get Oceans XStream 2017 is Video Streaming: Adaptive Streaming 2.0!
Video streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix and SkyGo use “adaptive streaming” to deliver movies and series in the highest quality. This means the video stream is split up into individual pieces and put back together again when the content is played back. This helps to balance out fluctuations in quality or download speed.
Recording adaptive streaming did not always work with previous versions. There were certain issues which sometimes led to juddering when the recorded was played back. The new Oceans XStream 2017, is now better at recording adaptive video streams. Particularly when it comes to merging the recorded sequences and transitioning between them, Oceans XStream 2017 is simply light years ahead of its predecessors.

New and Improved
With the new Oceans XStream 2017, fullscreen recording is now possible! Usability has also been further improved, and the options in the control window have now been simplified so you can reach your goal quicker. Furthermore, Oceans XStream 2017 is now even better at measuring the performance of your Windows computer and provides helpful tips when problems occur during recording.

Not All Video Streams are the Same! Now you Can Choose the Source!
As an alternative to the traditional Internet page, many video platforms now offer movies and series via their own Windows app. Recording a video stream from an Internet browser is usually no problem, but recording movies and series from these apps is not always possible. With Oceans XStream 2017, you will now get tips telling you whether to keep recording from the web page or to use an app instead. By allowing you to select the source, the new software is now much better prepared for recording your video streams in the highest quality.

Mission Accomplished: Best Bits Now Better, Improved Quality and Even Greater Usability
The core recording technology and general usability have been greatly improved in the new Oceans XStream 2017. With a clearer overview, a more user-friendly display for the recording process via the control window, a volume/mute configuration as well as other useful improvements, recording movies and series is now better than ever before. And there are even more features designed to improve your experience.

So get the new Oceans XStream 2017 software now!

Save Music
Faster and easier recording of music services and audio books
Oceans XStream 2017 is the world’s number one music streaming recorder! Why? Because only it can copy music from Spotify™ and Deezer™ to your hard disk at double-speed. With the new user interface, recording is better than ever before and conveniently allows you to set the volume as you listen. You can also easily switch from double to single-speed recording when using Spotify, for example, so you can listen along to the music.

Select the Best Recording Method for your Source
Music streaming services now sometimes offer their music in various different ways, such as via a browser, as installable software or in the form of an app. However, it is not always possible to record with the same quality across all services. Oceans XStream 2017 now offers the best functioning options for every streaming service and configures itself for each source automatically. Clicking on the option “Spotify – Software”, for example, means you can record from the Spotify software installed on your PC in perfect quality. The option “Spotify – Web-player”, meanwhile, has been pre-configured to save the music directly from your browser. 

Make the Most of Music Video Playlists
Music video playlists offer a wide variety of music with great audio quality. With the new “Video portals” tile, it is now easier than ever before to automatically record all the music videos you play on video portals, even including complete playlists. Oceans XStream 2017 then automatically saves the soundtrack from the videos in the highest quality and saves the music (e.g. as an MP3) with all of the ID3 tags, album art and lyrics as usual!

Save Audio Books from Spotify and Deezer
In addition to music streaming, Spotify and Deezer now also stream audio books. We have upgraded Oceans XStream 2017 so you can now record audio books, too. And at double-speed, of course.

So get the new Oceans XStream 2017 software now!

Music Wishes & Music Search
Raise the roof with the new Top Songs feature for the music search and your music wishes. Plus even more charts!

Only with the New Oceans XStream 2017 can you now use 10 times as many radios for the wishlist!

Oceans XStream has a wishlist with which you can automatically record your music from the best Internet radios in a targeted manner. This has always existed however now there is 10 times as many radios monitoring!

What’s Better than the Charts? Even More Charts!

The new software brings you the latest monthly charts as well as all of the past charts for free, with 80 more added every month! This means plenty of top 10 hits from the rock charts, US music video charts, pop music charts, dance charts, US single charts, and 80s charts are now available at the push of a button as well as newcomer recommendations. With all of this music, you’ll never be bored again!

Brand New Double Feature for Oceans XStream 2017: Top Songs!
You’re already familiar with the music universe and its recommendations for similar artists. So we asked ourselves: “How can we top that?” With the new Top Songs feature, new hits and charts based on your music taste are now available via the music search.

New Top Songs Feature for the Music Search

Tell Oceans XStream your music taste (by giving it a reference song, for example) and Top Songs will create a playlist of songs that match your taste via the music search. You can play and download the hits individually or get them all at once. And it works for music videos, too. This means you can get plenty of new music from in a matter of minutes. Top Songs also works if you select a specific genre or artist.

Climbers, Popular Tracks or Evergreens? You Decide!

You can decide whether you want the latest hits, popular tracks or evergreens from a particular genre. You can also narrow your selection even further by specifying the release year.

New Top Songs Feature for Music Wishes

Once again, your songs provide the basis for this feature. Oceans XStream 2017 then gives you a list of options based on your music taste, and you can select individual hits to create a wishlist. Quality over quantity!

The Widest Selection of Songs, and Now the Best Results for your Music Searches, too
If you search for an album by your favorite artist, you will now get the best search result for every song on the album, which you can then listen to or record immediately at the push of a button! More results for a particular song are also available on the second level of results based on quality.  This means Oceans XStream 2017 gives you the best search result as well as a large selection of alternative versions for a particular song. Oceans XStream 2017 can now find the best hit with even greater accuracy and gives you a better overview of all your search results so you can enjoy your music quickly.

Do you Want the Best Sound Quality, The Best Picture Quality, or Both for your Favorite Song?
No other software can find and record so many of your desired songs so quickly. By pre-classifying your search results, Oceans XStream 2017 is now better than ever before. With the new user interface, you can choose either:
– Music in the highest quality with the best audio track
– The best quality videos
– Music video with the best picture and best sound

Songs in the highest quality!
Oceans XStream 2017 now provides studio versions of your music wishes from connected music portals or via smart radio recording. There are no live recordings, no presenters and no adverts – just crystal clear recordings like you used to get from a CD. Oceans XStream also gives you additional versions of a song as usual, of course, but the best version is now always the first thing you see! 

Getting Music from One Wishlist is Great, but Several Wishlists is Even Better!
Feel the power! Oceans XStream can now download several wishlists at the same time. Simply create your first wishlist, and maybe add the monthly charts, another wishlist and – voilà – your own after-work concert can begin.

Music Wishes now better than ever – clearer and easier to use!
We have already pre-selected the best settings in Oceans XStream 2017 to enable you to get the best music. This means all of your music wishes are fulfilled as quickly as possible and in the best quality! Of course, you can still change individual settings, but they are no longer as prominent as before. Instead, they are shown discreetly in a single background window. You now also get information on songs that are currently recording, songs that are still missing, and wishes that have already been fulfilled. Oceans XStream automatically generates a playlist for every fulfilled wishlist, and you can immediately find every hit in the Media Center with a simple click.   

So get the new Oceans XStream 2017 software now!

Hmmm, what was that song I heard on the car radio today? Oceans XStream 2017 has the answer thanks to the expanded Radio History 2.0! Songs you miss on the radio are now yours with a simple click
Why Not Just Download Another 200 Hits from the Radio?
Instead of having to record all day, the new Oceans XStream 2017 software allows you to download all of the hits played by your favorite radio show or DJ at once. Or you can just pick out the best bits. With the new software, the radio view also displays the 200 most recently played songs from your favorite station. If you want to be really smart, you can download your favorite songs via the music search and then add the playlist of your favorite DJ afterwards.

So get the new Oceans XStream 2017 software now!

A New Way of Viewing your Music
New Music Interface and Even Clearer Media Management with Improved Categorization
Last month megabyte, this month gigabyte, tomorrow terabyte – Oceans XStream thinks big. This also includes constantly improving media management for large music collections and even larger private video libraries. Whether you store it all in the traditional way on your hard drive, in the modern way using an NAS server, or the trendy way via the cloud – all bases are covered with Oceans XStream 2017

Re-designed Interface for Your Music Collection
A second view mode is now available for the music collection, and it’s been extremely well received by our users. Benefit from greater usability and many other improvements with the new Oceans XStream 2017.

New and Improved: Your own Flexible Media Folders
Oceans XStream 2017 delivers plenty of music, music videos, movies, TV shows, audio and video podcasts, audio books and much more media with a plethora of different file types. The file management is greatly improved. You can now decide how each individual type of media is named and in which folder the files should be saved.

So get the new Oceans XStream 2017 software now!

Universal Converter
New device profiles for PC, smartphone, tablet and games console
In Oceans XStream 2017, the copying of protected films using playback-based recording has been further optimized. For a 90-minute film in full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 25 frames per second, a Windows PC has to record 135,000 images and a total of 279,936,000,000 pixels while simultaneously playing the film. Many PCs are not designed for this level of performance. With the new Oceans XStream 2017, the recording coding has been further optimized. Using the new resolution limitation function, even entry-level PCs and high-performance models of years past can record and save full HD films from start to finish.

A New Generation of Devices. No Problem for the Oceans XStream 2017, Of Course
The latest tablets and newest smartphones for Android – including Samsung’s latest flagship the Galaxy S7 – Apple iPhones, iPads and Windows Phone OS devices are all present and correct. For these devices – and for 80 more – Oceans XStream 2017 provides optimized video converter profiles so you can create video files in the highest quality tailored to your specific device.

What’s New for Audio Books?
The core recording technology for audio books has been greatly improved. The new software avoids chapter splitting due to so-called silent sections. This means Oceans XStream 2017 gives you the best quality chapter by chapter. Audio books are now part of the recorder that saves audio streams from Spotify and Deezer.